Coaching focuses on moving forward rather than healing the past or learning new skills to cope with problematic symptoms. In coaching I help you define what you want next in your life, help clarify or reach specific goals, change or develop new habits. You also may need assistance making key decisions, taking focused action to reach peak performance or help define career path, life purpose or life design.

I follow a specific values-based assessment tool and formulated by leaders in the field of positive psychology. I work in partnership with you, following the GROW model developed to maximize positive change quickly. Clean Language techniques apply the use of metaphors and symbolic language to access your subconscious to achieve the changes you desire.

Coaching helps to provide accountability, support and motivation, I will actively assist you to reach your greatest potential and access the change you are wanting in your life.

Coaching usually works best with weekly contacts so you have time to integrate and take action toward your goals. Coaching can often be done by phone. Sessions are 45 minutes on average in duration.

Since coaching is a service offering that is different than counseling or therapy, it is offered on a fee for service basis only and is not covered by health insurance.

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