Our philosophy is based on the belief that our natural state is that of well-being. We promote the emergence of optimism and resilience through a strength based approach, honoring the of mind, body, emotions and spirit of each individual. At Clearwater Counseling and Personal Growth Center, we are committed to helping people learn to deal with issues and concerns of everyday life in a manner that empowers clients to access their inner wisdom and inner resources as they move through life’s transitions toward personal transformation.


Clearwater Counseling and Personal Growth Center has a rich tradition of providing compassionate and personalized care to the residents of the greater Eau Claire region. For over 26 years, Clearwater has been helping residents of Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Clearwater was initially established as Clearwater Clinic in 1991 by Dr. Franklin Halley. The original location was on the river on Menomonie Street in Eau Claire. Dr. Halley was instrumental in introducing biofeedback therapy to the Eau Claire area, using it to assist patients with stress reduction and pain management. Considered rather progressive for the times, Clearwater Clinic soon earned the distinction of becoming Eau Claire’s first alternative mental health clinic, offering adjunctive therapies such as expressive arts, Reiki healing, Zen meditation, and massage bodywork therapies. In December of 1993, the Clinic was incorporated as Clearwater Counseling and Personal Growth Center, Inc. and continued for many years under the direction of a group of like-minded therapists.

We continue to be committed to the vision of promoting individual transformation using effective, strength-based therapies and honoring the mind body spirit connection. We help all clients access their internal wisdom and strengths in order to reach their greatest potential, wholeness, healing and well-being.

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